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BAKIKO Kinesiologie für Mensch und Tier

Code of Ethics

We are guided by compassion for all living beings.

We want to help all species understand each other better. Above all, we want to give humans back their lost ability to communicate freely and directly with other species.

We respect those who turn to us for help.

We do not judge or reject them for their mistakes and misunderstandings. Rather, we welcome their desire for change and their desire for harmony.

We know that we need to evolve spiritually in order to work as flawlessly and harmoniously as possible.


We are aware that our unfulfilled feelings, our critical mind or a lack of love for self and neighbor can cast like shadows over telepathic communication.

We practice humility, always ready to recognize and correct our own misunderstandings when communicating with others (be they human or non-human beings).

We want to expand our knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of human and non-human behaviors and relationships in order to improve the results of our work.

Hallo, ihr da unten!

We take every opportunity for further education and accept any help in order to be able to work more effectively, more compassionately, more respectfully, more cheerful and more balanced.

We strive to make the best chord sound in every being and to deepen mutual understanding so that everyone involved can find a common solution to problems.

We help those who ask for our help. Because these advice seekers are open-minded so that our work can be successful.

We respect the feelings and thoughts of others.

Erhaben und majestätisch, im Einklang mit dem Universum

We are committed to understanding between the species and do not play one against the other, but rather empathize with all.

We accept what we cannot change and start where our support is helpful.

In our work, we respect the privacy of people and animal companions and respect their desire for confidentiality.

We do our best to help, but we never go so far as to harm the dignity of those seeking help.

We stand by their side when they help their animal companions.

We want to promote the understanding and independence of those seeking help and not make them dependent on our abilities.

Das Leben ist wunderbar.

We show people ways how they can learn to understand their fellow creatures from other species and how to develop together with them.

We know about our personal limits and, if necessary, seek the support of other specialists. It is not our job to identify and treat diseases.

We refer those seeking advice to diagnosing physical illnesses to veterinarians and / or animal health practitioners.

However, we should pass on the animals' thoughts, feelings, pain and symptoms of illness, as they are described to us or how we perceive them, to the veterinarians or animal healers, because this can be useful information.

Wir unterstützen die Heilung und Genesung mit Hilfe von Beratungsgesprächen und sanften Heiltechniken.

Wir klären unsere Klient/innen so gut wie möglich über die Heilmethoden auf, geben ihnen alle uns verfügbaren Informationen und lassen sie selbst entscheiden, mit welchen Maßnahmen sie die Behandlung der Beschwerden, Krankheiten oder Verletzungen ihrer Tiergefährt/innen unterstützen wollen.

Die Ziele jeden Beratungsgesprächs, jeden Vortrags, jeden Kurses und jeder persönlichen Beziehung zwischen den Arten sind eine Vertiefung der Kommunikation, das Streben nach mehr Ausgeglichenheit, Mitgefühl und Verständnis und die spirituelle Gemeinschaft mit allen Lebewesen.

Wir folgen unserem Herzen und ehren den Geist und alles Leben als das Eine.